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At First Choice Software, Our Mission is Your Success! We believe that understanding your business and developing a comprehensive understanding of your needs is vital to our mutual success. Our focus on every detail of your business, from industry specific factors, to your goals and objectives, to your strategic vision for the future, allows us to create solutions that consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations.

First Choice Software is uniquely positioned to deliver the exact business solution that your dynamic business requires. Our comprehensive suite of software products and services includes:
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Developer Tools to Enable Your IS Staff Capabilities
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force Automation Solutions
  • Human Resource & Payroll Management
  • UA Enterprise Accounting VAR
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory Management
  • e.Business
  • e.Commerce
  • Web Site Development
  • Consulting Services

No matter where your solution falls in terms of project complexity, from incorporating basic 3rd party Software additions, to Web Site Development, to partial or fully custom solutions development, or anywhere in between, we have the technical resources and experience necessary to successfully design and
implement the exact solution that your business requires.

Our Team of Strategic Partners, Consultants, Systems Specialists, Developers, Engineers, and CPA's have the combined experience of hundreds of implementations, across a wide variety of computing platforms, all with one focus in mind - Total Business Solutions, Built for You.

The First Choice Software Process

The First Choice Team utilizes the same proven Process and Methodology on each project in order to effectively leverage the power of our experience for our Clients. We begin by performing a Needs Analysis and Business Fit Assessment to determine how the First Choice Team can add value to your project. Our Team will then prepare a Preliminary Project Budget based on the results of our in-depth analysis of your requirements. Once it is determined that our Team will add value to your project, we work with you through the following steps:

Phase I - Visioning: The cornerstone of our Methodology is effective two-way communication throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that we share a unified Vision of the project's goals and objectives, budget and timeline. This is why Phase I of our Methodology is called "Visioning". During this critical phase we meet collectively and individually with all project team members in order to build a Shared Vision of their goals, objectives and expectations with the goal being to produce a comprehensive Vision Document. This document is instrumental throughout the project as it clearly defines all aspects of the project and serves as a "road map" that clearly directs the project from kickoff to successful completion.

Phase II - Planning: This critical Phase builds on the broader Vision Document in order to produce a detailed Implementation Plan. This includes identifying tasks, milestones and deliverables, defining product architecture and producing detailed configuration specifications. This phase culminates in the creation of the Detailed Project Schedule, which is signed off on by all participants to ensure that it meets all project criteria. This document is used by the Project Management Team to manage the project.

Phase III - Implementation/Development: In accordance with the Implementation Plan our Team builds the system that was designed in the previous Phases. Any required modifications to existing UA modules/functionalities and Custom Programming as well as installation and testing are performed here. Additional tasks include; provide training and support for creation of the chart of accounts, data conversion from the existing system, training for both system administration and users, development of maintenance and user routines and guidelines. At the end of this Phase all users are trained, confident and ready to be immediately productive and the system is ready for live testing.

Phase IV - Quality Assurance: The goal of this Phase is to ensure that your new system is fully functional, stable and meets every requirement that was built into the Vision Document, prior to bringing the system on-line. If necessary, your new system will be run in parallel with your existing system to absolutely ensure
system integrity and usability. Results produced by both systems will be compared to verify that the system is producing the expected results. Upon satisfactory completion of this Phase, the customer formally accepts the systems, the former system can then be brought down and your new solution is brought on-line.

Follow-Up: Our goal is to ensure that your new system immediately meets or exceeds your expectations. One important measure of this is immediate productivity. During Follow-Up our Team works with your users to ensure that they:

  1. Take full advantage of the built in Productivity Features, such as checklists, work buttons, macros and report groups.
  2. Utilize Time-Saving Features, such as recurring batches,
    allocation accounts, classes and default information.
  3. Explore the opportunities for Enhanced Functionality like streamlining data entry screens, enhancing report formats, and linking with spreadsheets
    and graphs.

Our Team has developed our approach to Professional Services over the course of more than 15 years of successful implementations since 1984. We are highly confident that the combination of our Proven and Well Defined Methodologies and our Experienced, Talented and Highly Motivated Team can and will Deliver Results that Exceed Your Expectations.

Professional Services Overview

Our goal at First Choice Software is to be the leader in our field, and to bring the most talented and experienced Team in the area to each and every project we are privileged to be part of.

In order to achieve this goal and to bring the most value possible to our projects, we have developed Strategic Partnerships with the Leaders in several key Industries. Our cornerstone is the UA Enterprise Series Accounting software developed by Advanced Software Development (ASD). ASD is a proven leader in Financial and Business Management solutions, particularly for businesses running on Microsoft Technologies. First Choice Software is proud to be an authorized reseller of the ASD product line.

Our Team is very experienced and includes Business Consultants, Systems Specialists, Technical Specialists, Certified Public Accountants, Manufacturing Specialists, E-Business Specialists and Custom Programmers who have the combined experience of hundreds of projects of all levels of complexity, from
mission critical systems to economical solutions. Our Team is extremely comfortable working across a wide variety of Network Operating Environments and Hardware configurations as well.

Specific certifications and skill sets we bring to each project include:

ASD Certified Developer and Reseller
Microsoft Certified Professionals
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Provider
SQL Server Certified.