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Access Developer Application Architect

Access Developer VBA Code Library

Complete Application with full VBA Source code included.



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Why would you buy an Access Program, well.....


  • Windows Explorer style Menu structure - Displays Menu Tree Items and Detail List using the treeview and listview controls.
  • Menu Tree is resizable.
  • Menu Definitions are table defined. If you want to add or change a menu display item, just add, modify or delete a menu table entry. No more switchboards and buttons to run your forms and reports. You can  run Code, Forms, Reports or Queries.
  • Menu has built in Security features using the Access Security module. Can use or ignore this feature.
  •  Built in File Linkage Utility included:
  • Can restore database links even if links are deleted.
  • Supports links to multiple back-end databases.
  • Has support for relative paths to re-link the tables.
  • Can name link set definitions to show table link information.
  • Facilitates moving and re-linking MS Access and MS SQL tables at run time.
  • User has the ability to define a series of link sets and through the interface can select and link to any set they have defined.
  • Allows the main data file and up to 2 legacy data files to be defined for each database set being opened.  Can define unlimited multiple database schemas.
  • Everything is done with Access forms and VBA code. Source is included.

Special features:

  • Floating Menu or fixed.
  • Make Microsoft Access run with or without the 'Traditional MS Access Background' Screen visible.
  • Source code for MS Access97 version 8.0 (Office 97) and MS Access version 9.0 (Office 2000/XP) included. Never a charge to purchase separate versions for each Microsoft Access product.


  • Developers can produce professional looking applications in hours instead of weeks.
  • Managers can make their staff more productive by providing them with proven RAD development modules.
  • Hobbyist can learn tricks and tips by just examining the coding samples.

We have spent years developing, testing and perfecting the modules and VBA code used in this tool. We copy this application and then customize for each new client project. We take our user feedback and continue to improve our core model. If you can find just one tip that saves you several hours of work, well you have then paid for the tool with your labor savings.

Purchasing a license will enable you to copy and use all the forms, VBA code and structures royalty free in your own applications with no limit on your distribution rights, including the ability to distribute your source code merged with our modules.  You can then replace our 'copyright' information and logo with your own.