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Does your business requires efficiency, access to information, speed, connectivity, and a custom fitted solution. At First Choice Software, we're not just installing accounting software, we help maximize business value with information technology. Using only truly open development standards by Microsoft Office and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) our solutions are designed for today's standards. We provide the ability to manage business information.
First Choice Software has been selling, supporting and developing with UA Accounting software since 1996. We work with many accounting packages and nothing compares to the information capabilities, ability to customize, and product features of UA Business  Software. This is the only product that has given us the ability to deliver to our customers exactly what they were looking for. UA Business software is designed to support complete Internet integration right out of the box. This "Financials Anywhere" concept is just now starting to become popular with other programs and ASP's (Application Service Providers).

Do You Need Modifications?

Customizable accounting software is not the ideal product for every business. If your business runs great using standard, off the shelf software like Quickbooks or Peachtree, then your business is either not large enough or has not matured. The problem the business owner faces is whether to choose a product that is designed for a business of their size. If your business is fairly stable and not growing and you don't foresee it growing then these smaller products could be just the answer that you've been looking for. If you business is growing and adding more people to manage information and enter sales orders the smaller packages quickly become overwhelmed. The information that your smaller software system has been storing may not allow you to migrate into a new system and you may loose your business history. You need to choose wisely which way to go to maximize the business position and cash flow today and not hinder your growth in the future. If your business has outgrown your "home business class" software or you have special needs that cannot be found in other products then you need to take a look at UA Business Software.

Why UA?

The UA product has a user interface developed completely in Microsoft Access. All source code to the program is included with the product. The data store is then stored in a Microsoft Access database for smaller installations. For larger installations there is a SQL Server version that will completely upsize from the file server version. Advanced Software was one of the very first companies to actually have a working, deliverable Microsoft SQL Server based accounting software! UA Accounting software is a product of Advanced Software Development (ASD). ASD has been an innovator in accounting software design and has consistently outperformed the competition year after year.

Why purchase UA from Us?

The implementation of business information management generally consists of four distinct parts. Planning, deployment, modification and support. If any of these parts are not carefully planned and executed the results can be costly at best and can diminish to a complete disaster. Planning an information management system is the foundation of a successful installation. We have business consultants and CPA's available to help determine your business's needs and to make sure that the system generates the information your accounting department requires. When deploying a complex information management system the system infrastructure is critical to performance and reliability. The network and workstations running the software need to be "business class" and "properly configured." We have hardware support consultants available to assist in your computer and network setup issues and can work with your internal IT staff. Modifications, when required, need to be made by personnel who are familiar with the internal structure and programming of UA. First Choice Software has been developing custom database applications using Microsoft Access since version 2.0 was released. We have been delivering UA Accounting solutions to our customers since version 4.0. We have many customers using UA Accounting who purchased the product elsewhere only to find that the company who they bought from was not capable of handling their development and support needs. We are very familiar with this product and it's evolution. We can very accurately estimate modification time and cost and guarantee the work when we perform customizations. Our support is available when you need it. If you have not been satisfied with your current accounting software solution please contact our sales staff to arrange a meeting and see if this could be the product that you've been looking for.